Best Tall House Plants

Best Tall House Plants. The plant has impressive orange flowers that look like the head and beak of a crane. Norfolk pines are beautiful and lush tall indoor plants.

PINNED | Low maintenance indoor plants, Indoor trees, Plants
PINNED | Low maintenance indoor plants, Indoor trees, Plants from i.pinimg.com

Check out our article on the best indoor cacti here For areas that lack natural sunlight, indoor house plants, like bamboo, are wonderful options. Some of the most reviewed products in house plants are the costa farms cateracterum palm (cat palm) in 9.25 in.

Indoors, your dragon tree may get as tall as 6 feet, sometimes more.

Pinstripe plants are not drought tolerant and they need higher humidity also. Monstera plants add color to spaces as well but are much larger house plants than pilea plants. We also carry fiddle leaf figs , which feature large, wavy leaves. Although the spider plants may come in many varieties, the bottom line is that all of them look incredible.


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